Field works. Example 10.

Detailed areal investigations.  Combined magnetic  and IP survey  with gradient array

          On one of profiles were detected electrical resistivity and chargeability anomalies, following which were conducted detailed investigations. Magnetometer survey and IP – Mean Gradient for grid 10*5m were acquired in study area. For IP survey was used current line of 300 m, potential line – 10 m. Because of strong chargeability gradient, the object rise under the friable sediments. This object has small thickness (no more 10 m). Anomaly has strike azimuth close to 135, length anomaly is no less than 150m. In north part of the area faulting detected by decentration of resistivity anomaly. Faulting has sublatitudinal strike. 

Joint interpretation of magnetic and IP data

  Spatial extent of anomaly unlikely has technogenic origin. Within this area this zone has the highest values of chargeability and the smallest values of resistivity.