ZOND video lessons

Youtube channel of Zond software


Sample of ZondIP1d data file for Sapozhnikov’s electrode’s array.


2d inversion of classic VES data ZondRes2d.


Working with COMx64 data (from protocol creating to data inversion).


Picking of first time breaks in ZondST2D/ZondST3D


Working in ZondProtocol with Era-MultiMax instruments.


Loading Nemfis scaner data in Nemfis1D software.


Loading SKALA-48 data to ZondProtocol and ZondRes2D.


Geological boundaries inserting in the Zond.


Working with EDI files in ZondMT2D.


Working with MASW module in ZondST2D.


Working with Layered module in ZondST2D.


Working with Attenuation tomography module in ZondST2D.


Sample of MASW data for ZondST2D.


Working with areal data in Zond1D.


Working with boundaries in Zond.


Areal data visualization in Zond1D.


Working with model editor in Zond1D.


Data editing in Zond1D.


Picking of first breaks in ZondST2D.


Working with pseudosection in Zond1D.


Working with profilegraphs in Zond1D.


Navigation in Zond1D.


Working with section in Zond1D


Working with model table in Zond1D


Data inversion in Zond1D


Inserting of field data in ZondIP1D


Creating protocol in ZondProtocol


Working with background image in Zond2d


Data editing in ZondProtocol


Adding apriori boundary in 1d inversion


3D visualization of 2d sections


Quick adding of borehole data to Zond2D


XY coordinates of profile line in Zond2D


Working with MASW


Polygonal modeling in Zond2d


Convertation of ERT data to VES. And exporting 1d data to Zond2d


Exporting Zond2d model to CAD


QC and denoising ERT data in ZondRes2d


Inversion with reference model in Zond2d


ERT data smoothing and editing in ZondRes2d


Polygonal modeling of ERT survey


Joint interpretation of ERT and magnetic data in ZondRes2D


Joint inversion of TEM, VES and MT data in ZondTEM1d.


IP inversion. Time domain vs frequency domain in ZondRes2d.


Resistivity imaging for monitoring in ZondRes2d.


2D joint inversion of ERT and RMT data in ZondRes2d.


New features ZondST2d for MASW and ReMi.