Joint representation of geophysical and geological information at the stage of geologo-geophysical interpretation can significantly improve the quality of the results. Even visual analysis of geological and geophysical data leads to better understanding of the rocks structure.

In many cases, geological and geophysical geophysical results is coordinated by using the lithological columns or logs. Therefore, the ability to display various types of aprior information on the stage of the geophysical data interpretation plays a very important role.

Creating geological columns and logging data in BHEditor

Zond software package uses special data type with borehole geological and geophysical information. The data organized in borehole format CRT can be displayed in any software.

For quick and easy creation and editing of lithological columns or logs can be used software BHEditor.

The software operates with a large number of geological patterns, allowing the user to create a special palette for quick access to frequently used. If necessary, it is possible to add additional user patterns (16 ? 16 pixels).

Borehole's data in zondres2d software

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