Alex2014 13th magnetotelluric workshop


“North-West Geophysics Ltd” (Russia, Moscow) will conduct the 13th  school-workshop on electromagnetic (EM) prospecting. The workshop will be held at the geophysical camp of Moscow University in Alexandrovka village (Kaluga region, Russia) in May, 2014. Since 2001, this workshop have been attended by numerous specialists from geophysical companies and universities.

Attending the workshop will be useful and interesting for the chiefs of geophysical surveys/departments/companies and other organizations, field personnel working with geophysical equipment and instruments, geophysicists specializing in data processing and interpretation, researchers and lecturers from the universities.


 13th workshop will be focused on data processing and inversion.


School-Seminar will consist of two parallel sections:

  • First – “training in EM techniques, experience exchange”.
  • Second – “training in processing and inversion of MT data”.


The objective of the first section is the improving qualification of specialists, who work with  electromagnetic imaging applications for solving regional, exploration, engineering, environmental and other tasks.

The program of this section includes:

  • Lectures on new generation and enhanced possibilities of  electromagnetic sounding equipment, peculiarities of data processing and analysis;
  • Lectures on modern EM imaging technologies, equipment for measuring natural and control-source fields, as well as on up-to-date software for EM data processing, editing, analysis and interpretation;
  • Presentation and discussion of new results of application of EM methods to solve various tasks (case histories).

Second section is for those who would like to get experience in MT data processing and inversion. It’s includes basic  principles of working with software developed by “North-West Ltd”.


Workshop will be held at the educational and research camp of Geophysical Department of Geological Faculty of Moscow University in Alexandrovka village in Kaluga region (230 km from Moscow). The camp is situated in a spectacular place at the junction of Ugra and Vorya rivers, which is a part of the Ugra National park.

For foreign attendees comments during lectures in English will be provided, and a separate group for practical studies will be formed.

Dear colleagues, You are kindly invited to attend the workshop, as well as other specialists from your organizations! An official invitation letter to Your organization can be sent if required.

Registration fee for the workshop participants is 500 USD. The cheaper options are available for those who plan to stay less than 6 days: the cost of the 1st day is 200 USD, each successive day costs 60 USD.
It’s includes all transfers, room and three mills per day.