ZondSP2dp program is desined  for two-dimensional interpretation of self-potential data by (land and borehole variants).

Self-potential field method is based on studying of the natural electric fields that generate in rocks because of various physical and chemical processes. Small self potentials of diffuse-adsorbtsion and filtering nature exist practically everywhere. Intensive fields of redox nature are observed only over sulphide and graphit deposits. As a rule electronic conductors located in the ionic media are the search objects of self-potential field method. Electric charges as sources of natural electric field are formed on the boundaries of such objects.

Unlike ZondSP2d, this program uses a polygonal variant of geoelectric section construction that gives more structural approach to data interpretation. At this scheme two-dimensional section cosist of series of bodies with arbitrary geometries and specified resistivity and conductivities type(electronic, ionic). Sources of natural electric field  are given as distribution of the potential factor with depth.

Due to convenient and intuitively clear interface ZondSP2dp allows to quickly creating any level of complexity models.

ZondSP2dp during modeling of self potential data

ZondSP2dp represents ready solution for interpretation of self potential data and solves wide range of problems from mathematical modeling to processing and field data interpretation. Convenient interface and ample opportunities of data presentation allow solve set geological problem with maximum effectiveness.

ZondSP2dp is essential tool for interpretation of the electro profiling data, complex interpretation, and also in the course of students studying and for geophysics beginners.

ZondSP2dp uses simple and clear data format which allows easily combining various systems of observation, including different variants of the topography setting up and other additional information.

Additional module allows expand the program by modeling mode of gravimagnetic data. Thus, to each body of the section two additional parameters are added – density and magnetic susceptibility. Joint interpretation of those methods allows solve successfully many geological tasks.

ZondSP2dp has wide set of tools for mathematical modeling of self potential fields. In the program also there is a possibility to import and display results of measurements by other methods and cross-borehole data that improve interpretation results. Besides this, algorithms of polygon parameters inversion are included in the program. They allow correct automatically parameters of objects.

Interpretation of self potential data with elctrical resistivity tomography together

Version 27 / 8 / 2017 |  Software: download