MMPOS Mobile Magnetometer


The MMPOS-1 is a scalar Overhauser magnetometer intended for ground precision geological survey. All modes, necessary at field works are provided:

  • Magnetic mapping with manual and semi-automatic input of point, line, time and data saving in non-voltage memory.
  • Base (variation) station.
  • Walking mode of continuous measurements (cycle up to 1 sec) and opportunity to mark of the point, line and GPS coordinates.
  • Magnetic mapping with automatic input of coordinates and time from external GPS-receiver (optional or DLPOS v2.0 delivery set) with an opportunity of intermediate marks.
  • Test mode without data saving with calculation of average and RMS meaning of 11 measurements.


Mobile magnetometer POS

Name and Delivery Set

  • POS-1 including Overhauser sensor’s head with flexible HF-cable (1.7 m, optional 3.4 m) and electronic block (hard stuff design on inquiry).
  • DLPOS v2.0-gps data logger.
  • Knapsack MAGMAN including a soft bag.
  • Collar of sensor fastening with 4×0.5 m aluminium stuffs.
  • Battery 12 – 7 Ah.
  • Charging device.
  • Cable set: communication (POS to DLPOS) cable, power cable, COM data cable, base station cable POS to DLPOS of 25 m.
  • QM Lab Windows software including QMSetup, DLPOSLink, POSManager.
  • User guide.


Set of equipment of magnetometer POS

Technical specifications

The MMPOS-1 consists from the high-sensitivity (up to 0.01nT, resolution 0.001nT) processor Overhauser sensor POS-1 and specialized waterproof data logger DLPOS:

  • Operating temperature                 : -20°C / +60°C
  • Power consumption (off/on )     : 0.7 / 3 W
  • Size/Weight                                        : 260x150x45 mm/1.1 kg
  • Real time clock, stability              : 1 sec/day                                   
  • Storage: base station                      : 250.000 readings
  • search magnetometer                    : 80.000 readings
  • Digital output                                     : RS232
  • LCD Display                                         : 240×128 dots
  • Keyboard (waterproof)                  : 32 key
  • GPS Port (NMEA 183 protocol)  : RS232

Total weight of the MMPOS-1 in field assembly is up to 4.5 kg and 2.5 kg of 7 Ah battery. The 7 Аh battery provides up to 24 hours of base station operating at a cycle 1 sec and 5 days at field works.