Field works. Example 5.

3D imaging of  metasomatic rocks and sulfide mineralization

Frequency domain IP was conducted for perspective metasomatic body, including sulfide mineralization. Metasomatic body is reflected by higher resistivity values than host sandstone. The field data were acquired using gradient array. The potential electrode spacing was 10 m, the current electrode offset was 150 m, and the spacing between measurement points was 50 m. On geoelectric model the contours of the metasomatic body are reflected by high resistivity values. In near-contact zones and near-bottom parts of mass, as well as in the host rocks, chargeability anomaly associate with sulfides dissemination. Three-dimensional IP tomography data were processed with the use of ZondRes3D.

3D resistivity and IP imaging results

The surface tomography data for imaging of metasomatic body and sulfide mineralization.